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MAX the Chimney Sweep, LLC provides residential and commercial chimney and flue sweeping
as well as:

We Sell and Install Chimney Caps
Chimney Cap Instalations
A chimney cap serves a dual purpose. It prevents escaping sparks and keeps animals and rain water out. Rain water in the chimney can mix with the acids found in soot and cause cracks and other damage to the chimney interior. We can help prevent this damage with a custom chimney cap.

Minor and Major Chimney & Crack Repairs
Crack Repairs
Many chimneys and fireplaces have minor cracks or other damage that can expand and turn into expensive repairs if not handled early. From minor repairs to major rebuilding, our team of masonry repair specialists has the training and materials repair all types of damage.

Damper Replacement
Damper Replacement Space
We can save you hundreds of dollars a year in lost energy and heating costs by installing a new ENERGY SAVING damper. A damper is a door that you close when not using the fireplace. Nearly half of the dampers that we inspect are either improperly installed or missing entirely. Don’t let dollars fly up your chimney. A new ENERGY SAVING damper, installed by our team of experts, pays for itself in one year!.

We Clean Dryer Vents
Dryer Vent Cleanings
Our Patented Pro-Spin process thoroughly removes all lint buildup. We use compressed air to blow out the system. This prevents lint fires and decreases drying time. We install dryer vents and ducting as well.
Our Guarantee.

Firebox Rebuilds & Repairs
Firebox Rebuilds & Repairs
It is vital to prevent or repair damage to the firebox, as this is the area where the wood is burned. Our experts can take care of any cracks or loose mortar caused by rainwater on all three walls of the firebox.

Residential and Commercial Furnace Sweeping
Furnace Cleaning
We perform residential and commercial furnace cleaning with state-of-the-art HEPA vacuums. All of our equipment meets or exceeds OSHA and EPA Standards. Max the Chimney Sweep is standing by!.

Interior Repairs
Interior Repairs
Cracks, holes or missing mortar inside the chimney can allow heated air to blow against wooden surfaces which can ignite a fire in the walls or attic. We use video and smoke tests to find the damaged areas then using our specially developed, tools and techniques, we can repack the missing mortar, reparge plaster and repair cracks even in hard to reach places. This helps you avoid costly and unnecessary rebuilding.

Masonry Chimney Relining
Masonry Chimney Relining
We will revitalize and repair your chimney by installing UL listed Stainless Steel and insulation between the chimney flue and defects in the chimney wall. This not only adds to the safety of your home and family, but also provides a boost to the resale value of your home.

Masonry Water Repellent
Masonry Water Repellent
Preserve your chimney by protecting it from the number one enemy of chimneys, water. More chimney damage is caused by water than any other natural source, barring earthquakes. Our exterior water repellent is guaranteed for up to ten years. it is the only product that repels water and while allowing the masonry to breathe.

Our Guarantee
Minor Chimney Repairs
All flue repairs, reparging, repacks and interior & exterior repairs are guaranteed for ten years. Flue repairs, reparging, repacks and interior repairs are void if not protected by suitable rain cap and water sealed. (All guarantees are void against earthquakes.) The NFPA recommends all chimneys, vents and flues be inspected annually.